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With over 6 years of industry experience in eCommerce, brand and customer experiences, and tech start-ups, I take pride in being a Design Generalist, who can enter different spaces and effectively solve problems. My work is evidence-driven, where I try to poke holes in all my assumptions.

Adaptable and always open to learning, I often find myself in uncertain situations, forcing myself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I’m currently working as a User Experience Designer at VML Chicago.

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I’m a data lover who believes in evidence-driven methodology. I believe that good research lays a solid foundation and trusting the process leads to creating impactful solutions.

I consider accessibility requirements from the outset, designing experiences that are inclusive and meaningful for diverse groups, so that nobody is left behind. Accessibility should not be an afterthought.

I use a Double Diamond process that maps the divergent and convergent stages of a design process and helps me decide the right methods for pursuing a problem or opportunity.

I discover the problem through research, define insights that inform my solution..and most importantly test my assumptions of my solution to get feedback and reiterate.

I love making art on the side! Check out my Instagram for more. In the meantime, here are few snippets below:

Fun Fact: I happen to be an identical twin as well!

︎ +1 (912) 272-1354

Priyanka Kar ︎  2024